Saturday, January 27, 2007

皇后碼頭 Queen's Pier






Queen's Pier

The Queen's Pier at Edinburgh Square, Central, together with Star Ferry Pier , will be demolished as a result of land reclamation along the north shore of Hong Kong Island.

The pier functions as a public pier for small size boats. The original Queen's Pier was bilut in 1925, located at the site next to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, with a archway and a steel roof. It was moved to its present site as a result of the 1953 land reclamation project.

In colonial time, the Queen's Pier was used by the British colonial officers and the royal family. It was tradtionally the landing place of the British governors of Hong Kong when they arrived at Hong Kong on the governor's yacht, the Lady Maurine. Sir Clementi was the first governor that landed at Queen's Pier in 1925. When Queen Elizabeth II visited Hong Kong for the first time in 1975, she also landed at the Queen's Pier after crossing the Victoria harbour.

The pier has long been used by the Hong Kong citizens as the place for taking cruising trips, pier fishing and evening dating, and used to be the finishing point of the cross-harbour swimming gala. Since it is located right next to City Hall Marriage Registry, it is also a popular spot for wedding pictures. The Queen's Pier embedded firmly in the collective memories of many Hong Kong poeple.

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