Thursday, January 04, 2007

沙上足印 Footprints on the Sand





Footprints on the Sand

I was told once, "Life is nothing but footprints on the sand while walking alone on a beach. When the tide comes in, they will be washed out by the wave. Looking back at the path which you have just stepped on, there is no trace left." I appreciate the thought of being able to let go of the past, since I am also a man who take what fortune brings. What must happen will happen, and what should go will go. Nothing is worth clinging to so firmly. However, when I grow older and have a look back to the past, should all the joys and sorrows of life be forgotten and never be brought to mind?

My life is not a lonely walk across the beach but a journey with my family and friends. Some join in the middle of the journey and some part before the journey ends. Perhaps eventually I will be walking alone at the end, but I treasure everyone who I have the luck to walk with through live, no matter it is a happy or sad one. Before the footprints are washed out by the wave, I had them imprinted on my heart.

Maybe when I grow old, my memories will eventually fade away like the footprints washed out by the wave. But does that matter ? For I only know, before that moment comes, friends, no matter where you are, you are always on my mind.

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