Friday, April 20, 2007

四月的藍天 Azure Sky in April





Azure Sky in April

Spring time, humid and misty…Shouldn't that be normal in April?

We have had a long warm period of 26-28°C in mid-April this year. Just thinking that we have an early arriving summer, a northern cold front suddenly appeared last night. The collision between the warm and cold air flows caused not only a rapid drop of 6°C within an hour (from 28 to 22°C), but a thunder storm due to the huge mass of cloud formed by the rapid ascent of the warm and humid air. Strong wind of 80lm / hr appeared in the Central district, which was usually recorded only when the Typhoon Signal no. 3 was hoisted. The wind was even stronger in Sha Lo Wan of Lantau Island, 100km / hr, equivalent to the situation under Typhoon Signal no. 8.

The air was obviously much cooler when I woke up this morning. It was sunny, and the sky was unusually clear and blue under the influence of the northern wind. The sky was so blue that I could not help taking out my digital camera and take pictures. The weather report indicated that the relative humidity was at a recorded low of 26% in April, so dry that a Hill Fire Hazard Warning Signal of "Extremely High" was issued.

Good Heaven, I didn't expect that Autumn had come back again so soon.

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