Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doesn't Matter If It Is … 不管…還是…都…

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  - 已故中國領導人鄧小平論「實事求是」的經典語錄。

  - 香港特首曾蔭權回應前政務司司長陳方安生對他「強政勵治不等同有良政」的批抨。

(廣東話版 – 唔理著「面」定著「底」,一於入國務機要費。)  - 台灣總統府的國務機要費賬目,居然包括陳水扁妻吳淑珍與女兒的女性衛生用品和內褲。

Doesn't Matter If It Is …
Quotes On "Practicalism"

Grandpa Teng : Doesn't matter if it is white or black. As long as the cat catches mice, it is a good cat.
- Infamous quote from the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping.
Bowtie Tsang : Doesn't matter if it is called strong governance or good governance, I take the one that is backed by good policies, public support, and able to strive for social consensus.
- Hong Kong SAR Chief Executive Donald Tsangi’s response to former chief secretary for administration Anson Chan's assertion that "strong governance was not quite a factor for good governance".
Ah Bien's wife (allegedly) : Doesn't matter if it is undies or punch, put that under Presidential Office's State Affairs Fund!
- Items found in the ledger of Presidential Office's State Affairs Fund in Taiwan : Ladies underwaers and sanitary pads for the wife and daughter of President Chen Shui Bien.

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