Friday, March 31, 2006

Bits and pieces – in the Book of Memory 片刻.片語.片心

Working 9 to 8 in office, rushing home for dinner, checking out the utility bills and re-payments, browsing through the forum of which I am a moderator, taking care of the club business as a committee member, ……oh yes, and a less-than-5-hour daily sleeping time. Busy, busy and busy. It seems that all these are the inescapable routines in my daily life. The weekly hiking events on Sundays should be the only time I could relax myself; but then again, I am the hiking leader of the group in most of the outings. Even scanning through and trying to sort out the loads of photos taken during the week has become increasingly a tiring task to me, and taking photograph is supposed to be one of my favourite pass-time.

I remember dearly my life as a college student in Dublin. Busy with my study and part-time work, but still managed to squeeze enough time to truly relaxing myself : wandering alone around the city on my bicycle aimlessly in sunny afternoons or to the Wicklow mountains for the weekends, laying down and do nothing but listening to my favourite classical music for a hour before going to bed, chatting with friends just about everything… those were the days, happy memories, remote but with details I could refresh by browsing through the old photo albums on which detailed notes were attached.

I do enjoy most of things I am doing, but they leave me no time to slow down, think and discover my true feelings about life, not to mention recording them in someway. I really don’t want to have part of my life missing from my book of memory, and regret that when I grow old. "A picture tells a thousand things", and a brief note would add more insight into your heart. I may not have time for a diary article each day, but can at least manage to pick a photo for each day and write a brief note about it. Bits and pieces they might be, these will be the records of the true feeling about that moment of my life, bitter or sweet, paragraphs that fill up my Book of Memory.




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